Classic VS Modern Cars

There’s a lot of debate going on when it comes to having classic vs modern cars. It depends on the choice and the need or use of the car, however some people will always like classic cars more while others will like modern cars. Let us discuss some general points you can consider if you happen to own or decide on buying which one.

The Financial Benefits

You may think of the long-term benefits when talking about money you spend and you can save. Classic cars are able to retain and increase in value the older they get and this is something that most modern cars cannot compete with. There is also the fact that many classic cars in the US are eligible for zero rate tax if they were produced before 1974. The insurance you have to pay on most classic cars is also cheaper than the modern cars. This does not mean that there are no financial benefits to modern cars. Modern cars are generally able to get better gas mileage than classic ones. You are also able to repair modern cars for less when compared with classics.

The Environment

Most people assume that modern cars are much better for the environment than classic cars. While many modern cars have lower emissions, some of them have the same emissions as classics. There is one environmental benefit to classics cars and that is the fact that you are reducing the number of new cars being made. When you have a classic car, you are saving it from the scrap heap and this can have a positive impact on the environment.

The Driving Experience

One of the major advantages that classic cars have is the driving experience. Modern cars have been made with comfort and safety in mind which leaves the driving experience lacking in many cases. This is not true for classic cars which are often all about the driving experience, the old and the basic way.


When it comes to reliability modern cars win more often than not. This is due to the fact that the parts are new and have not seen the wear that classic cars have. Classic cars often also suffer from rust and body issues when they were not maintained correctly. However, if you find a classic car that has been looked after or refurbished, you should get a decent amount of reliability.

Maintenance, Time and Cost

Maintaining a classic car is often considered a labor of love. This means that it takes time and money to maintain your classic car in the way it should be. Modern cars are often faster and cheaper to fix if anything happens as the parts are on hand. Classic car parts can be hard to find and you might have to wait a while before the parts become available.

The Mod-Cons

Technology is part of almost every aspect of our lives including driving. A true classic car will not have any of the mod-cons you are used to from a dock for your iPod to electric windows. Modern cars now come with all of these technological features as standard, making them a bit easier to cope with in everyday life.

The Verdict

The decision calls for your preference. Let’s say you are a person who engages yourself to the advanced technology we are having now, well of course a modern car can supplement that way of living for you. On the other hand, if you are a person who can live with the basics and has an eye for a vintage beauty, you then go and buy a classic car. Most of the prominent people we know in the society collect cars and a vintage or classic car for sure will be one of them. This does only mean that the value of classic cars still rock the sales in the industry.

A classic car is never practical for your everyday use and yet having a modern car will never be fulfilling enough without a classic car in your garage.