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Maintenance Tips for Your Classic Motor Vehicle

Classic cars exude a sense of detail and styling that, as many would agree, seems to have disappeared among car manufacturers. The personality and character that classic cars came with a couple of decades ago has been replaced by factory styling and production, where every bit in your car is more or less the same as those fitted to another car, the car model and manufacturer respectively.

It is for this reason that the very few of us privileged to own classic cars go through leaps and bounds to maintain them. However, maintaining your classic car is never simple as their owner would reckon. It requires dedication, time and most importantly passion for the car. Passion plays a great role in getting classic car owners to maintain their cars in mint conditions.

These crucial tips will go a long way in improving the longevity of your car as well as maintaining your classic car’s timeless beauty.

#1 – Run Your Car as often as Possible

Even though we would not like to admit, classic cars are just, well, cars. As such, they were designed for frequent use. This design principle does not dissipate with their new status. As such, there is an inherent need to have the cars running every now and again. Anything otherwise will cause the fittings, the seals, and the rubber components to dry up and seize, resulting in their failure. Inevitably, this leads to water leakages and shortened life of your beloved classic car.

Ideally, you should run your car for at least thirty minutes twice a month. Doing so gets rid of any dampness that collects in the various systems of your car.

#2 – Maintain Proper Liquid Level in Your Car

Closely related to the above is the need to have the liquids in your car at proper levels. This is especially important with water and oil levels. The oil reduces the chances of accumulation of dampness in the engine while the water impedes rusting by reducing exposure of metal parts to oxygen.

#3 – Detailing

Another important part of maintaining your classic car is through detailing. Accumulation of dust, salts, and grime has to be monitored well with maintaining your car. The salts, especially increase the risk of rusting significantly.

However, classic car detailing should be done by detailing personnel who are vastly knowledgeable in the art of detailing classic cars. It is not enough to have an understanding of how to go about detailing cars. The personnel needs to have deeper understanding of detailing a classic car, if only to reduce any damage that may result from detailing. Classic cars are sensitive, and the detailing process should take this into consideration.…

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