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Maintenance Tips for Your Classic Motor Vehicle

Classic cars exude a sense of detail and styling that, as many would agree, seems to have disappeared among car manufacturers. The personality and character that classic cars came with a couple of decades ago has been replaced by factory styling and production, where every bit in your car is more or less the same as those fitted to another car, the car model and manufacturer respectively.

It is for this reason that the very few of us privileged to own classic cars go through leaps and bounds to maintain them. However, maintaining your classic car is never simple as their owner would reckon. It requires dedication, time and most importantly passion for the car. Passion plays a great role in getting classic car owners to maintain their cars in mint conditions.

These crucial tips will go a long way in improving the longevity of your car as well as maintaining your classic car’s timeless beauty.

#1 – Run Your Car as often as Possible

Even though we would not like to admit, classic cars are just, well, cars. As such, they were designed for frequent use. This design principle does not dissipate with their new status. As such, there is an inherent need to have the cars running every now and again. Anything otherwise will cause the fittings, the seals, and the rubber components to dry up and seize, resulting in their failure. Inevitably, this leads to water leakages and shortened life of your beloved classic car.

Ideally, you should run your car for at least thirty minutes twice a month. Doing so gets rid of any dampness that collects in the various systems of your car.

#2 – Maintain Proper Liquid Level in Your Car

Closely related to the above is the need to have the liquids in your car at proper levels. This is especially important with water and oil levels. The oil reduces the chances of accumulation of dampness in the engine while the water impedes rusting by reducing exposure of metal parts to oxygen.

#3 – Detailing

Another important part of maintaining your classic car is through detailing. Accumulation of dust, salts, and grime has to be monitored well with maintaining your car. The salts, especially increase the risk of rusting significantly.

However, classic car detailing should be done by detailing personnel who are vastly knowledgeable in the art of detailing classic cars. It is not enough to have an understanding of how to go about detailing cars. The personnel needs to have deeper understanding of detailing a classic car, if only to reduce any damage that may result from detailing. Classic cars are sensitive, and the detailing process should take this into consideration.…

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Consider These 3 Qualities When Buying Your Classic Vehicle

When it comes to your favorite motor vehicles, there are so many variations, and it can be troubling to pinpoint which ones are the best. To make sure you are responding to this question out right away, it is time to have a look at the qualities you want to see with these cars. When you are aware of these qualities, you can rank the cars and pick out the one you prefer.

The rankings may vary depending on the person in search , but the qualities are always going to remain the same as people always look for them.

#1 – Beautiful Design

The design of a car has to be immaculate to enjoy its intricacies. There is no reason to like a car that doesn’t exude beauty every time you look at it. Of course, each person is going to have a unique perspective of what is beautiful, but the favorites tend to stand out in this regard.

They are just beautiful and have this elegance that is hard to beat!

Needless to say, it is one of the most important qualities for a person to look at when it comes to cars.

#2 – Robust

The favorites aren’t focused on visual beauty alone. This is essential to note for those who are looking at a line of cars and thinking about which one stands out. In the end, a great vehicle is one that is going to look great from the exterior and interior. It should be able to handle a pounding from all pressures and make sure things run smoothly as time goes on.

There are so many options out there, and it can lead to one wanting the best.

If the qualities were lined up, longevity is always important for purists.

#3 – Timeless Performance

Sometimes, machines tend to waver based on current perceptions of what is good and what is not. This can lead to the cars not being as good as they need to be. For those who are purists and want perfection across generations, it comes down to performance because that’s indeed a requirement.

The best motor vehicles are the ones that are going to have a timeless elegance to them and have high-grade parts on offer. This is one of the biggest components of a good vehicle and what it has to provide.

Time to Buy?

These are the main qualities of your favorite motor vehicles when looking to find the best and making sure they fit your needs. Each enthusiast is different when it comes to vehicles because there is a personal aspect to preference. This means each person is going to come into the setting with their experiences in …

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The Best Insurance for Vintage Cars

If you are the proud owner of a classic motor vehicle, you need to consider many things. Insurance should obviously be one of the top priorities. Many owners of classic motor vehicles spend a lot of money on upgrades and restoration. Getting involved in an accident without being properly insured can cost you thousands of dollars in some cases. If you are searching for a good insurance policy you should consider the following factors.

The Classic Car Club of America defines a classic motor vehicle as one that was manufactured between 1925 and 1948. Cars manufactured prior to 1916 are antiques. When you are searching for the right insurance for your classic motor vehicle you should be aware of your vehicle’s year of manufacture.

Besides the year of manufacture other standards have to be met for a vehicle to be classic. In many cases, the vehicle should be in a particular condition and have certain amenities. However, to view the guidelines for antique vehicles today, you can use the Internet.

Searching for Insurance

Once you ascertain that your motor vehicle is actually classic, it is time to start searching aggressively for classic car insurance. You should start your search online using your zip code. Once you do this, you will be provided with a list of insurance providers that offer coverage in your location.

You can also choose to visit insurance comparison websites to view quotes from different providers at once. Such websites make comparing coverage across different companies quick and easy. However, since you are dealing with a classic car, try sticking to only those insurance providers that specifically cater to classic vehicles.

What Type of Coverage Do You Require?

Insurance for classic motor vehicles can be quite high. However, classic car insurance is of different types. You can get insurance coverage for the restoration period to ensure that you are sufficiently covered if anything were to happen to the partially restored vehicle. You can also get insurance to cover your vehicle during car shows. Your rates will be lower if you choose to haul it as opposed to driving it. You can also get insurance coverage for your vehicle everywhere and anywhere you go.

How Much Does Classic Car Insurance Cost?

Classic car insurance can be quite costly. However, it is possible to save on coverage.

You can start with contacting your agent to find out whether you can combine insurance to save money. Placing your car, life, and health insurance under one roof can help reduce your costs greatly.

You can also decide to shop around. If you find that rates are still sky high, use the Internet to find better rates.

Making sure that your driving …

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3 Excellent Resources for Buying Classic Cars

If you are decided to buy a classic car, the Internet is one of the best places to focus your search efforts since it gives you access to cars from all over the world. However, the Internet is massive and finding reputable resources can be time consuming and frustrating. Luckily, you can save yourself the frustration and effort by learning about these 3 excellent resources for buying classic cars online.

# 1 – EBay Motors

EBay has become the standard for private sellers to sell cars to the national or even global market ever since it was introduced back in the early days of the Internet. EBay has a special section dedicated specifically to vehicles.

On eBay motors, you get to choose the make and model of the classic car you are searching for, a price range, a year range, mileage, as well as any other specific detail you would like to either include or exclude from your search.

If you don’t fancy using eBay to buy your classic car, you can still use it to check the true market value of the car that you are searching for. So, if you have found a good classic either online or offline, you should consider heading over to eBay to check out how much similar models are priced at.

# 2 – Craigslist

Craigslist is quite simply the modern version of the classified ads section of a newspaper. It is a very simple and straightforward platform for selling and buying items including classic cars. The simplicity of this resource makes it one of the best places to buy classic cars online.

Unfortunately, Craigslist has come to earn a very bad reputation mainly because anyone can solicit a service or product to anybody. While some might argue that you can never be too sure of who you are meeting up with on Craigslist, many have reported enjoying amazing experiences on the platform.

One of the greatest advantages that Craigslist has over eBay is the fact that it is local. You can also easily walk away from a vehicle you are not too sure about if close to home.

# 3 – Bring A Trailer

Bring A Trailer is somewhat similar to eBay but its auctions take a different approach. The website is exclusively for buying classic cars online and has a team of experts who communicate with sellers when preparing the listing.

All listings on the website are prepared by experts and not the actual owners of the vehicles. The Bring A Trailer, only chooses the best and most interesting classic cars to feature on the site. Once cars are listed, the community that follows the website uses comments to bet them. …

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Classic VS Modern Cars

There’s a lot of debate going on when it comes to having classic vs modern cars. It depends on the choice and the need or use of the car, however some people will always like classic cars more while others will like modern cars. Let us discuss some general points you can consider if you happen to own or decide on buying which one.

The Financial Benefits

You may think of the long-term benefits when talking about money you spend and you can save. Classic cars are able to retain and increase in value the older they get and this is something that most modern cars cannot compete with. There is also the fact that many classic cars in the US are eligible for zero rate tax if they were produced before 1974. The insurance you have to pay on most classic cars is also cheaper than the modern cars. This does not mean that there are no financial benefits to modern cars. Modern cars are generally able to get better gas mileage than classic ones. You are also able to repair modern cars for less when compared with classics.

The Environment

Most people assume that modern cars are much better for the environment than classic cars. While many modern cars have lower emissions, some of them have the same emissions as classics. There is one environmental benefit to classics cars and that is the fact that you are reducing the number of new cars being made. When you have a classic car, you are saving it from the scrap heap and this can have a positive impact on the environment.

The Driving Experience

One of the major advantages that classic cars have is the driving experience. Modern cars have been made with comfort and safety in mind which leaves the driving experience lacking in many cases. This is not true for classic cars which are often all about the driving experience, the old and the basic way.


When it comes to reliability modern cars win more often than not. This is due to the fact that the parts are new and have not seen the wear that classic cars have. Classic cars often also suffer from rust and body issues when they were not maintained correctly. However, if you find a classic car that has been looked after or refurbished, you should get a decent amount of reliability.

Maintenance, Time and Cost

Maintaining a classic car is often considered a labor of love. This means that it takes time and money to maintain your classic car in the way it should be. Modern cars are often faster and cheaper to fix if anything happens as the parts are …

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