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The Best Insurance for Vintage Cars

If you are the proud owner of a classic motor vehicle, you need to consider many things. Insurance should obviously be one of the top priorities. Many owners of classic motor vehicles spend a lot of money on upgrades and restoration. Getting involved in an accident without being properly insured can cost you thousands of dollars in some cases. If you are searching for a good insurance policy you should consider the following factors.

The Classic Car Club of America defines a classic motor vehicle as one that was manufactured between 1925 and 1948. Cars manufactured prior to 1916 are antiques. When you are searching for the right insurance for your classic motor vehicle you should be aware of your vehicle’s year of manufacture.

Besides the year of manufacture other standards have to be met for a vehicle to be classic. In many cases, the vehicle should be in a particular condition and have certain amenities. However, to view the guidelines for antique vehicles today, you can use the Internet.

Searching for Insurance

Once you ascertain that your motor vehicle is actually classic, it is time to start searching aggressively for classic car insurance. You should start your search online using your zip code. Once you do this, you will be provided with a list of insurance providers that offer coverage in your location.

You can also choose to visit insurance comparison websites to view quotes from different providers at once. Such websites make comparing coverage across different companies quick and easy. However, since you are dealing with a classic car, try sticking to only those insurance providers that specifically cater to classic vehicles.

What Type of Coverage Do You Require?

Insurance for classic motor vehicles can be quite high. However, classic car insurance is of different types. You can get insurance coverage for the restoration period to ensure that you are sufficiently covered if anything were to happen to the partially restored vehicle. You can also get insurance to cover your vehicle during car shows. Your rates will be lower if you choose to haul it as opposed to driving it. You can also get insurance coverage for your vehicle everywhere and anywhere you go.

How Much Does Classic Car Insurance Cost?

Classic car insurance can be quite costly. However, it is possible to save on coverage.

You can start with contacting your agent to find out whether you can combine insurance to save money. Placing your car, life, and health insurance under one roof can help reduce your costs greatly.

You can also decide to shop around. If you find that rates are still sky high, use the Internet to find better rates.

Making sure that your driving …

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